Reception Class-Winter Walk

Lesson: EYFS

Class: Foundation Stage Mrs Southward and Miss Corrigan Year: 2020 - 2021


Winter Walk

We have been exploring signs of winter. The children went on a winter walk around the school grounds and the woodland area. Before we went out, the children discussed what they needed to wear and what they might find.

On the walk the children noticed fog, cobwebs, ice, frost and icicles. The mud on the field had frozen and it was very hard. The water in the tray had ice on the surface and when it was lifted the children noticed that it looked like glass. As we spoke, we could see our own breath.

When we went into the woodland area we noticed that it was cold, but there was no frost. We talked about why this might be and felt that it was because it was covered by the trees.

The children noticed that most trees had no leaves and could see all the leaves that had fallen in autumn on the ground. On the way back to school we saw shoots coming up from the ground. We are very excited to find out what is growing!