Year 5: Miss Vedmore / Mrs Owen 2018 - 2019

Miss Vedmore

Welcome to year 5! Our class teacher is Miss Vedmore and our learning assistants are Miss Slater and Miss Christian. We are really looking forward to dive into our exciting topics and getting our brains ticking - here is a snippet of what we will be looking at this autumn term.

Maths: In maths, we will cover Place Value, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division and even Statistics. We will be developing on our fluency in skills in maths and we will work very hard at improving our reasoning and problem solving skills. Resilience is very important to us here at Longton Lane and we learn how to persevere with a task even when we find it difficult.

English:  We will be reading 'Kensuke's Kingdom' by Michael Morpurgo and write our own descriptive stories. Next we will read 'The Lost Happy Endings' by Carol Ann Duffy where we will be writing a newspaper report and even creating our very own villain.

CLIC and Maths Meetings: These lessons will continue to help us with our fluency and reasoning skills and really help us with our knowledge and application of timetables. Maths meetings help us to review all areas of maths regularly and CLIC focuses on the basic skills we need to work with number every day.

History: This term we will be focusing on the Anglo Saxons and the Vikings. We will be putting events into chronological order and be able to use a range of historical sources to study the past. We will evaluate the usefulness of sources using the acronym 'PARRB'- asking ourselves what the Purpose is, whether it is Authentic, is it Reliable, Relevant and is there any Bias.

Geography: We will be learning all about North America. We will focus on key geographical skills and knowledge such as our use of maps and atlases and our understanding of geographical language and terminology associated with place. We will also be looking at the difference between consonants and countries and the different climate changes between each country.

RE: In R.E we will be looking at the old and New Testament, what the Bible is made up of and the values of different religions and why their values are so important to them.

PSHE and Global Learning: In PSHE we will learn about democracy and how central and local governments are run. We will also look at Global Learning; we will look at charity and social justice and considering what we can do to be effective global citizens.

PE: In PE, some of us will continue learning to swim but we will all take part in dance with Mrs Cook and also learn different skills and techniques in invasion games.

Music: Miss Brennan will work with us on exploring rhythm and rhyme.


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