Year 5: Miss Vedmore / Mrs Owen 2018 - 2019

Miss Vedmore

Welcome to year 5! Our class teachers' are Miss Vedmore & Miss Owen. Our learning assistants are Miss Slater and Mrs Rotherham. We are really looking forward to dive into our exciting topics and getting our brains ticking - here is a snippet of what we will be looking at this Spring term.

Maths: In maths, we will cover fractions, decimals and percentages. We will be developing on our fluency in skills in maths and we will work very hard at improving our reasoning and problem solving skills. Resilience is very important to us here at Longton Lane and we learn how to persevere with a task even when we find it difficult.

CLIC and Maths Meetings: These lessons will continue to help us with our fluency and reasoning skills and really help us with our knowledge and application of timetables. Maths meetings help us to review all areas of maths regularly and CLIC focuses on the basic skills we need to work with number every day.

English:  We will be reading a wordless picture book called 'Tuesday'. The images will allow us to let our imagination re-tell the story in our own way. Our writing will include a news report, describing settings using adventurous vocbulary. Next we will begin to look at persuasive text, imparticular a discussion text looking at 'should we wear school uniform?' I am sure this will create some interesting thoughts from the children.

Reading: As we know reading is important in all aspects of learning, especially with our writing. In year 5 we have reading for pleasure and would like children to continue at home with a variety of texts.

History: We are continuing with the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons, looking at the impact they have on Britian today, such as religion and punishment and crime. Towards the end of Spring 1 into Spring 2 we will be moving onto the 'Groovy Greeks'. Here we will be making comparisons between historical periods i.e things that have changed and things that will stay the same. We will also be looking at dates and historical language throughout the unit.

Geography: We will continue learning all about North America. We will focus on key geographical skills and knowledge such as our use of maps and atlases and our understanding of geographical language and terminology associated with place. As part of this unit we will plan a journey to North America, taking into account distance and time.

RE: In R.E we will be looking at the seven sacraments and how specific values are expressed through these.

PSHE: We are looking at how to stay safe in different situations. Children should be able to link this to when they attended crucial crew back in Autumn term. They will also learn how to give basic first aid and show understnading of personal safety. In Spring 2 we will continue our Global Learning of 'me in our world.' Looking at human rights, inequality and interdependance.

PE: In PE, we will continue to work with Premier Education looking at differnt skills in catching and throwing. For thier second PE lessons they will work with Mrs Cooke developing gymnastic routines.

Music: Miss Brennan will work with us on exploring rhythm and rhyme.


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