Year 1 - Miss Patino 2018 - 2019

Miss Patino

Y1 teacher KS1 manager

Hello, my name is Miss Patino and this is my first-year teaching at Longton Lane. I am delighted to be teaching Year 1 this year, and leading Key Stage 1 here at Longton Lane.

Year 1 is a busy, exciting and challenging year filled with many changes as the children move from Foundation stage into Key Stage 1. We have designed an exciting and engaging curriculum that will bring out each child’s creativity. As a Year 1 teacher, my aim is to make learning fun, and provide a happy, secure and challenging environment so that each child will reach their full potential and become confident and independent learners. I am very lucky to be teaching an enthusiastic class that enjoys new challenges and practical learning experiences. We are also very lucky to have our learning assistant, Mrs Myers working with us.

Thank you for visiting our class page. I hope you find this to be an invaluable resource to keep up to date with all the exciting and wonderful things we are learning about in Year 1 this year.

If you have any worries or concerns please, do not hesitate to come and see me at any point during the year.


Spring Term

This term we are very busy in each of our curriculum areas;

Maths - We will be consolidating our understanding of numbers up to 20 as well ordering, comparing and recognising numbers to 50. We will continue to develop our methods of adding and subtracting efficiently and fluently. This term we will also explore time, measurement and fractions.  

English – Now that we have built our basic writing skills, during spring term we are going to extend our knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. We will be looking at a range of writing genres using high quality texts from a range of authors. We will continue to build our reading skills focussing on our comprehension skills. Whenever we read it is vital that we talk about what we have read and answer questions about the text. 

Science - This term is all about animals including humans. We will explore a range of vocabulary including; mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish, birds, omnivores, carnivores and herbivores.  We will then move onto exploring materials; their properties and uses. Throughout this term we will be developing our skills and understanding of working practically and scientifically.  

History - As part of our 'Story of My Life' topic we are exploring toys from the past and present. We will be playing games from the 1900’s as well as comparing toys from that era with toys we have now. We will also be looking at how the world has changed and some of the important people who have made changes in British History in particular, Florence Nightingale. 

PSHE and RE – In RE sessions we will be looking at Jesus and his teachings. During PSHE we will learn about using the internet and keeping safe whilst we do and the importance of recycling.

Music - We will be exploring lots of marvellous musical words such as rhythm, beat and tempo, as well as creating our own music using a range of instruments. We will also be learning and performing a range of songs.  

Computing - This term we are focussing on using technology for wider uses and will start by creating our own cookery programmes. We will then move onto retrieving information from the internet and creating our own PowerPoint presentations.

Geography - Finishing our 'Amazing Africa' topic we will be researching the Congo Rainforest. Then we will compare similarities and differences to Malawi and Kenya. We will also create our own weather charts and discuss our likes and dislikes. We will then move onto our next topic of ‘Time Travelling Doctors’ and explore our local area of Rainhill.

D.T and Art - Throughout this upcoming term we will have focus weeks developing our Design Technology and Art skills. We will study Mary Quant and her revolutionary fashion designs during our Art week. In DT week we will be designing and creating our own healthy snacks as well as creating our own architectural designs.

P.E. - It is very important to keep ourselves active and we will keep developing our basic skills such as throwing, catching, jumping, running and playing games. We will also begin to play team games and learn to cooperate and communicate effectively.

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